Diesel heater in Motorhome

Installing a Diesel Heater in a Winnebago Motorhome

At the end of the day everything was fitted and the heater worked perfectly meaning the owners can now enjoy their winter break in Tasmania! To install a diesel heater in a caravan or motorhome usually takes half a day depending on the complexity of the install. This one was 3 1/2 hrs with the first half hour being given solely to considering different installation options.

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Are you towing legally and safely

How Much Can I Tow Behind My Car?

n move a big van with a small car, but there are reasons we have the various specifications – for safety and for the longevity of your car’s life. If you aren’t sure of how all the weights and acronymns work just give us a call and we can advise you. We can come to your home and weight both car and caravan, before comparing them to the legal limits and advising you how to load each safely and legally

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jayco silverline towing weights

Can You Tow a Jayco Silverline With a Mitsubishi Triton?

Can you tow a big van like a Jayco Silverline with a Mitsubishi Triton? Most people looking to tow a larger van look to the vehicles with a 3.5T towing capacity, but as I will show you below, that towing capacity is highly conditional and you may be just as well off with the cheaper Triton. What matters is understanding how the various weights interact and affect one another.

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