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Can You Tow a Jayco Silverline With a Mitsubishi Triton?

Can you tow a big van like a Jayco Silverline with a Mitsubishi Triton? Most people looking to tow a larger van look to the vehicles with a 3.5T towing capacity, but as I will show you below, that towing capacity is highly conditional and you may be just as well off with the cheaper Triton. What matters is understanding how the various weights interact and affect one another.

If you want to answer this question accurately then you need to gather some facts and then do some maths.

Fact 1. The Triton has a 3100kg braked towing capacity – so many regard it as unattractive for towing heavier caravans.

Fact 2. The ATM and GTM of the caravan under tow is then important to know. This is the weight you cannot exceed legally. The ATM is the weight of the caravan fully loaded and unhitched from the vehicle.

Here are the latest specs from Jayco

This means the maximum legal weight at which the caravan can be towed = 2540 + 475 – 160 = 2855kg

So technically the Triton is able to tow the legal fully loaded van. However… before you head out to your Mitsi dealer to get a new Triton you need to be aware of the implications of the GCM (Gross Combined Mass), meaning the weight of both car and caravan when on the road together.

Fact 3. The GCM of a Triton is 5885kg and the GVM of a Triton is 2900kg. If you combine 2900kg (max car weight) + 2855 (max van weight) then the total is 5755kg – within the legal limit.

So technically you can tow a Silverline 21.65.3 with a Triton. Would you be better off with a Navara, or a Ranger or a Dmax? Maybe the extra power would be valuable, but the point is simply that 3.5T towing capacity is not all it’s cracked up to be!

And if you aren’t sure of your weights then be sure to call us to come and weigh both car and caravan in your own driveway. Our scales are accurate to within a kg so you can rely on us for sharp precise information.

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