Witi security system,
Witi Security System

If you are looking for a foolproof security system for your caravan then you can’t go past the WiTi. Locally made and simple to use they really are a fantastic innovation.

Now rather than having to lock your wheels and towball you can simply press a button and know that your van is safe. In the event of someone attempting to hitch up your van the gyro will detect movement and the lights will flash, the brakes will be applied and a horn will sound. A would be thief would literally have to drag your caravan away while drawing attention to themselves.

As well as anti-theft protection the system comes with an infra-red motion detector and a bluetooth door sensor so that in the event of someone trying to enter the van the lights and horn will again sound and discourage potential intrusion.

We can generally install a WiTi in half a day and you can then leave your van knowing it is safe!

WiTi brake controller

As well as the security system there is the wireless brake controller. If you’re reading this and saying ‘really – wireless? Is it safe?’ then I can tell you YES it is. I installed one on my own set up to be sure before recommending it to anyone else. The brake controller simply slots into a 12v slot in the car and can be adjusted for sensitivity.

The beauty of the wireless system is that you can move it from car to car rather than having just one tow vehicle.

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