Why you Shouldn't Overload your Car

You may wonder why we weigh your tow vehicle as well as your caravan. It is because your tow vehicle has a GVM (gross vehicle mass) that must be complied with.

There is no point simply getting the weights right on the van if you have an overloaded tow vehicle.

It is easy to get to the GVM very quickly and without realising it. For example, consider these items as added weight to the keen weight of your car:

a) the towball weight of the van. This is part of your car’s payload (weight allowance).
b) passengers
c) fuel – only 10l is included in the kerb weight.
d) extras such as bull bars, lights, canopies, drawers
e) your luggage

It is easy to overload your car, so again choose safety and peace of mind over ‘she’ll be right’!

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