What Happens if My Caravan is Overweight and I get Caught

It happens.

I’m yet to see the police checking weights on the roads, but I have heard plenty of stories of it happening and also of the serious expense and inconvenience it causes.

Anecdotally I believe the fine is $1000 or thereabouts. But that is only the start of the pain… You are unable to tow the van so it needs to be parked up until a vehicle of sufficent towing capacity can move it. Think towtruck… Think big $$.

Then there is question of ‘what now?’ Are you able to empty it to a point that makes it legal or do you need to get a new vehicle to get it home?

Who needs all that grief when they’re trying to get on the road and away from hassle?

There’s a simple remedy. Call a mobile caravan weighing specialist and check before you leave that all is compliant, then you can face any check with confidence

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