How Heavy is My Caravan?

Over the last 20 years caravans have become progressively heavier so it’s vital to know just how much weight you are towing behind you. The days of vans like the one in the image above are gone and now it seems that the goal is cram as much fruit into every van as is humanly possible!

Rather than a lightweight frame and cladding with minimal internals we now have heavy duty framing and all manner of gear that means a 2.5-3T van is pretty common.

And if you want a van that size then not only do you need a vehicle to tow it, but you need to get your weights correct or you will easily be overweight and put both yourself and others in danger.

That’s where we come in. Mobile caravan weighing is where we come to you with a set of 4 heavy duty weigh pads calibrated and highly accurate as well as with a towball weighing device that is much more accurate than the cheaper versions you can buy on ebay.

By the way if you like the look of the van in the picture then keep your eye on Gumtree as it will be up for sale shortly. It has been lovingly restored in every way by the owner, has triple bunks and is in immaculate condition! It also weighs a little more than a tonne (1095kg) so you could just about tow it behind your bike if you pedal hard!

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