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Why Weights Matter


4 Reasons Why Weights Matter


Your safety ought to always be a primary concern. Overloaded caravans and cars travelling at high speeds can be very dangerous. It pays to load correctly and travel with peace of mind


It's just plain illegal to overload and if you are ever pulled over and checked you will cop a hefty fine. Just not worth it...

Other People

It's one thing to neglect your own safety, but when you hit the road and are overloaded and dangerous you also put other people's lives at risk. That's not OK.



If you have an accident in an overloaded caravan or vehicle then chances are it will very likely see a claim denied.

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Diesel Heaters, Mirrors, Anodes

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Why Choose Us

Knowing your weights is all about being safe and we will guide you to ensure you have peace of mind on your travels
We understand how weights work. We can decipher the acronymns that so often confuse and help you make everything safe and legal.
We value your time and we will be on time or will call if you if we are running late for any reason. We are Perth based so can attend most jobs quickly.
We don't just give you a printed ticket that you could get at a weighbridge. We take the time to explain the implications and will help you figure out what you can do to remedy any problems. We will walk thru your caravan and check how it is loaded and how you could get a better and safer outcome.
We know there is a lot to know when it comes to safe caravanning so we ensure it gets communicated in a warm and engaging way.

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