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We come to your home and using industry standard heavy duty scales, we place a scale under each wheel and then take a measurement of the weight of your car, caravan or trailer. We compare this to your ATM (Agrregate Trailer Mass) to ensure you are compliant and legal. We also measure your towball weight to ensure it is within the normal range - approx 10% of ATM. We then give you a print out of this information as legal copy for your records. If you are over the required ATM or towball weight we can help you become compliant.
Incredibly accurate! To +- 1kg, so you be assured your information is correct. We can precisely record your ATM and GVM to ensure you travel legally and safely.
1. We are obviously mobile, 2. Our scales are actually more accurate 3. And the big difference is that we are happy to give advice and discuss your towing needs rather than just providing a weight measurement. 4. We measure ATM, GVM, GCM and towball weight. We can let you know how much weight is on each axel and where modifications may need to be made.
Certainly - we will talk you through the meaning of the different terms and help you know the regs.
We allow one hour for each weigh which is more than enough time for a caravan and tow vehicle, as well as to discuss with you any changes you may wish to consider. We can be done within 15 minutes if you are in a hurry too!
It probably depends on the type of work. If there is time yes, but if not we are happy to book a new time to come and assist you.
To ensure your weight measurement is meaningful and helpful it's important that your caravan and tow vehicle are loaded in a similar way to that of when you are actually travelling. When this is the case you can know your actual weight on the road and not be guessing.
We accept bank transfer or credit card. We prefer not to take cash where possible.
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