WiTi brake controller

WiTi Wireless Brake Controller

Looking for a local Perth WiTi installer? We can help you!

The WiTi brake controller is a fantastic local invention and makes towing so easy. To use the brake controller you do need to have the security system installed. The controller then links with the main module and braking is applied proportionately.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity, portability and its effectiveness. It does everything it claims and at a fraction of the price of a standard hardwired install. The brake smoothing feature means no more jerky brake applications and the fact that its a portable unit means you can change it to a new vehicle when you change cars.

I had planned to fit a Redarc to my new Ranger, but at $1000 for the installed unit v $299 for the WiTi and easy DIY install it was a no brainer.

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