Witi anti-theft security system

How Well Does a WiTi System Work?

I’ve been so busy installing diesel heaters that I really haven’t taken the time to focus on my other favourite product – the WiTi!

Seriously these are a quality item and the inventors were nominated this year for an innovation and creativity award.

And in case you are wondering – ‘yeah ok but do they really work that well?’ The answer is ‘indeed they do!’ On two separate occasions I have been travelling thru a remote location, parked the car and van and considered it necessary to arm the WitTi – just in case anyone looks to break in. Of course it’s easy to forget that you have armed your security system… so I return from surfing and jump in my car ready to head home, only to find my car will barely move!

Is the handbrake on? No…

What is that noise? A horn… sharp and loud…

Oh, I get it. I remember… The WiTi! It’s just doing it’s job stopping me from driving off with my van attached.

The second time it happened I was in the mainstreet of a country town and trying to follow another car back to their home for lunch. But again, horns, lights and no action meant we had to wave down our friends until we could disarm the caravan.

So if you have been wondering if these little devices are any good, I can tell you that there aint no one gonna be taking off with your caravan while this system is in action.

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