Witi security system,

Testing the WiTi Security System

Having recently installed this system in my own van I was curious as to how sensitive it is to movement. It works on the basis of an internal gyroscope. If the gyro detects enough movement then it will activate.

So what is enough movement? I discovered that dropping it onto the towball is usually enough. While under the van reattaching a cowling I discovered that the action of the driver was also enough to set it off.

The sensitivity seems about right as you don’t want it going off at the slightest touch. Having this under control I decided to check out the motion sensor’s sensitivity and I think we could say this is very sensitive. It quickly detected any movement and activated the alarm. I haven’t tested the intrusion device yet as I imagine we may just use the motion detector.

The short verdict? A very impressive, locally produced system that is head and shoulders above any of the mechanical methods by way of deterrent. I just can’t see anyone hanging around to hitch up once the lights are flashing and the horn is screaming!

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