15amp cable

Mistakes in Diesel Heater Installation

Ok so this was my own mistake, learnt from trial and error. When I installed a heater in my own van the cable run from the heater to the battery was around 4 metre and I used some left over wire I had in my shed.

The heater would start the fan blowing and then the pump would operate briefly before the error 01 message let me know there wasn’t enough voltage reaching the heater. On start up the heater draws up to 10 amps of current so it makes sense to use 15amp cable to ensure this issue doesn’t occur. Because I was running 4 metres I used heavier gauge cable again and it resolved the issue immediately.

So if you have installed a heater and it isn’t starting up as you expected then check the size of cable you are running to the battery. If it’s 5amp then chances are you will need to upgrade to a larger cable.

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