Where Do You Put a Tank For a Diesel Heater?

Non UV Stable tank – best kept in a hatch

This is a question I always ask before beginning a job as the location of the tank and the type of tank may impact on other parts of the install.

We can install both generic Chinese heaters as well as the high end Webasto and Eberspacher. The big difference between the two is that the Chinese tanks are not UV stabilised which means that if they are kept outside of the van in the sun they will eventually deteriorate and crack. The high end models have a UV stabiised tank – but then the cost of the tank ($250) is equal to the cost of an entire generic Chinese model!

I encourage people to locate the tanks inside the front boot, or inside a hatch that will allow ready access for refilling. Ideally the tank will be secured to the frame of the van, but that would be dependent on its accessibility for refuelling.

Sometimes the easiest option is to have the tank stored in the boot and held in place by other equipment. Whatever you choose to do, you must be able to access it easily either by a fuel bowser or a jerry can.

UV Stabilised Tank

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