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Is a Diesel Heater Noisy?

In a word ‘no’.

But then it may depend on what you consider noisy and what kinds of noises annoy you. The two sounds you will hear from a diesel heater are:

a) the ticking of the pump as it delivers fuel to the heat exchange module. There are forums on FB dedicated to trying to minimise this sound. My advice is to connect your pump to your van with a heavy duty cable tie and don’t secure it to the chassis. A cable tie you say?… It sounds flimsy… Yes but it works! Be sure to check that the cable tie is intact from time to time, but after two years I know mine still looks in excellent condition.

b) the noise of the fan. This noise is most noticeable on start up as the heater seeks to get up to the desire temperature and then on shut down when it runs to cool the system down. That said neither is noisy and when it’s running the noise is virtually unnoticeable.

So – you may have to be your own judge of what you consider noisy. Certainly if you want a silent weekend away then the ticking may drive you a little crazy, but if you’re happy to chill with a little background noise then you won’t even know it’s there!

If you want to explore ways of deadening the pump noise then this post may help you.

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