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How Did My Caravan Get So Heavy?!

If you have an older caravan and you are 4th or 5th owner then chances are you will have accumulated a variety of fixtures that will have added to the base weight. As mobile caravan weighers we see this frequently.

Your tare weight may have once been 2000kgs, but with a rear bar, toolbox and jerry cans you are already up 50kg. That’s before you put on a generator (20kg) on the A frame and add a weight distribution hitch – another 30kg – you can see how your weight allowance can quickly get gobbled up. Oh and then there’s the diesel heater and tank for it…

Everyone adds a little bit and very soon you are left with little room for water and clothes – fairly essential items! So if you have bought a second hand caravan and aren’t sure of exactly what the weights are give us a call and we can deliver a very accurate measurement.

Generally we will weigh your caravan 2-3 times and the variance between measurements will be less than 10kg meaning you can travel confidently and safely.

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