Mobile Caravan Weighing in Wanneroo

This week we went to a client’s home to weight both caravan and tow vehicle.

As a caravan repairer he had done most of the work on the van himself and created a fantastic family van. What we observed was that it was well within its weight limits, but that the towball weight was light.

At just 150kg or thereabouts it was well under the 200-230kg mark and meant that at times the caravan felt loose to tow. There are plans for a vespa scooter to be mounted on the front A frame so that will definitely give it more downweight.

The old Range Rover was also within limits and good to go! If you need to check your GVM, ATM or GCM and don’t know where to start then call us. As knowledgable caravaners we can help you understand vehicle loading and how to plan safely for an upcoming trip.

Don’t leave it to chance! Know the weights of your caravan and tow vehicle and then you can tow with confidence, knowing that you are operating safely.

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