4WD weight check

Yes we Weigh 4WDs!

This week I had a query from a client asking if we weigh 4WDs as well a caravans. Of course we do this! With the way 4WDs are constantly being modded and added to it is quite easy to exceed load limits.

The Nissan Navara we were assessing today has a kerb weight of 1980kg when it is stark naked and in showroom condition, but that same car now has a canopy, a set of Kings drawers, a fridge, an inverter, bull bar and 20 l of water in the back so it weighed in at 2614kgs.

That’s all good as the GVM is 2910kg – room to move. ‘How many passengers are you planning on having?’ I asked. He answered ‘4’. I did some quick maths 5 x 80kg = 400kg and boom you are over the GVM. And the winch is yet to be added along with body armour.

Something has to give…

When we weigh cars and caravans we give you helpful feedback and guidance on how you can remain within the weight limits, how you can keep your insurance intact and how you can travel safely.

So the challenge for this person will be that of working out which piece of equipment to sacrifice. There is room to put some in the trailer / camper, but its those 5 heavy bodies that really are the biggest issue. Maybe someone stays at home…

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