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Understanding Caravan Weight Distribution

We have only recently returned from 5 months of travel, having completed ‘the lap’. Along the way you see a whole heap of interesting rigs.

We were parked up next to one couple if Queensland who had around $350K invested in caravan and tow vehicle. A lot of money by anyone’s standard and when you’re spending that kind of $$ you want to understand your weights and get things correct. No one wants an uninsured accident, or to be stopped by the police for a weight check – unless you are confident all is well.

I could tell these folks had done their homework and they had chosen carefully how they were going to navigate the challenges of towing a very heavy Kedron offroad van.

By contrast we stopped at a free campsite in Tasmania and saw a very long caravan with a motorbike mounted on the rear panel. As we got talking to the people who owned it, they told that their water tanks were also located at the rear of the van, meaning that it was very easy to get a sway on!

There are plenty of caravans out there with the rear bumpers loaded with generators, jerry cans and the like as well as bike racks. It’s not impossible to do these things, but it is important to get guidance on what impact these accessories will have on the performance of the van when towing.

So while we can come to your home and weigh your caravan using our mobile caravan scales, we can also give you advice on how to pack your van and ways to load up efficiently rather than dangerously. If you don’t understand the basics of weight distribution then in caravans without electronic stability control, you could be in very dangerous territory.

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