Mobile Caravan Weighing Scales

The new set of mobile caravan scales arrived today, calibrated and good to go!

I’ve taken the time to test them on my own gear at home and they are easy to use and accurate to within 1kg, which is pretty damn impressive!

So if you live in the northern suburbs of Perth and are keen to assess your own weights then please give me a call and we can swing by and do the checks. If you discover your weights are not legal and safe then we can advise how to remedy this.

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  1. Anthony
    June 3, 2023

    Hi There. I live in central qld and would like to buy a set of scales. Are the type you use the Nuweigh type. We quite often need to weigh our light vehicles and trailers/caravans now on our property and are looking to buy a good quality set. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


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