public weighbridge

Mobile Public Weigh-bridge Perth

So you know you can visit a weighbridge at various locations around Perth and have your caravan weighed?

Well the difference with us is that

a) we come to your home at a time that suits you

b) we give you more than a docket with information on it. We talk you through what is involved in loading, organising and preparing a caravan for travel. We help you think it thru.

c) we consider your whole towing set up. We look at your tow vehicle, your towball weight, your GCM and work out whether you are safe, legal and good to go.

So – yes – it costs a bit more to have someone come to your home and provide a consultative service, but we believe that this is money well spent. You can easily spend $100K on a caravan and vehicle, so why not spend $200 and ensure safety for yourself and others on the road.

So order a personal visit from our mobile public weighbridge and travel with peace of mind!

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