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Penalties for Overweight Caravans

One of the reasons you want to make sure your caravan is within legal weight is the cost of being caught overweight. There are significant penalties (that vary from state to state) and range between $600-1500.00.

It was only recently that we saw a police team set up on the side of the road, pulling over drivers with the simple intent of weighing caravans and then determining whether they could keep travelling or if they needed to shed some weight.

While you may be lucky to get away without a fine, it is equally possible that it could be regarded as a serious offence and both financial penalties and demerit point penalties can apply.

So before you leave home, why not get us around to do a quick check on your vehicle weights. The primary goal is always peace of mind and safety for both you and those around you, but if you need a financial incentive then consider a fine between $600-1500 and you have plenty or reasons to motivate you!

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