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5 Steps to Reduce Caravan Weight

Ok – so you have weighed your caravan and discovered it is too heavy. What can you do? There are many ways to reduce weight in a caravan that is clearly too heavy. Here are 5 first steps.

The obvious answer is to remove stuff. So let’s start with that simple solution.

1. Open your cupboards and remove the junk. I’m talking about those books you picked up for free in a Kununnura op shop, but that you know you will never read! And what about that carton of beer? Do you really need to travel with 24 beers!? Take a 6 pack and instantly reduce weight significantly. What’s under your bed? Is it a repository for ‘just in case’ stuff? Be ruthless and throw as much as you can.

2. Travel with water tanks empty – or with just one full. Right there you have 80kg in each full tank. Most of us don’t need 2 full tanks unless we are going bush for a few nights. Use one up and travel with the other.

3. Move some gear into your car. Assuming your car is within weight, remove he generator from your caravan and put it in the back of the ute. There’s 25kg removed and it is just as accessible.

4. If you carry an annexe ask if you really need it. Do you intend to use it or is the caravan boot really just a tiny shed that accumulates junk? Speaking of which I assume every bloke has a ‘Bunnings box’ in the front boot, with CRC, cable ties, rope, etc… Might be good to rationalise what is of value here too!

5. If you have done all you can and you are now looking at structural issues then it a place to start would be with your batteries. If they aren’t lithium then perhaps now is the time to make that move and save many kgs of weight.

So there you have just 5 ways off the bat that you can sort out weight issues.

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