How Will Adding Titan Drawers Affect My Weight ?

If you have been considering installing some Titan drawers to your tow rig then you definitely want to consider the impact on your weight

If you have Titan drawers then you will likely also have a canopy (about 100kg), so to add a set of drawers would be another 100kg. That’s 200 kg of your vehicles payload before you consider tow ball weight (maybe 200kg), 2 passengers (160kg), fuel, bull bar etc…

You get the picture?

Your car can get very heavy even before you pack gear into it! So by all means install a set of drawers but do so knowing that they add 100kg to your weight and your actual storage space is smaller due to the frames of the drawers.

Maybe plastic tubs is a better solution if you are running short of payload. Either way make an informed decision, not one based on a shop special you can’t miss!

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