Reversing a caravan

6 Tips to Improve Your Caravan Reversing

So you’ve got to the camping area and now someone needs to get the caravan in place… It’s that moment that can so easily become a comedy show for neighbours, but a point of tension for marriages! Here are some things we have found helpful over the years. Even now we still have moments of frustration, so take it easy on yourself if you find this a hard part of caravanning!

Reversing a caravan into a site doesn’t have to be difficult. Just take your time, follow these 6 tips and you will be able to do it easily and safely.

  1. Use mobile phones wherever possible to communicate. In areas where there is no service you can use UHFs but these require the use of hands for the driver so they aren’t so practical.

2. Decide in advance what your primary instructions will be. When it’s a mix of , ‘a little to your left’, ‘right hand down’, ‘turn your wheels the other way’ you aren’t sure exactly why is being communicated or even if the advice is good. We have a simple ‘head left or head right’ instruction. That way the driver gets to figure out which hand goes up or down and which way the wheels turn!

3. Make sure you can see the person giving you the help. That way they can point in the direction if need bed and also give an indication of how far you have left to travel.

4. Know in advance if your ‘standards’ for parking. Does it have to be perfectly aligned with wheels in the middle of the slab area? Or is near enough good enough? For us it depends on the length of the stay. If it’s overnight then it really doesn’t matter. If it’s a week then I’d like to get it as tight as possible. Make sure you both share an understanding of what you are trying to achieve!

5. Chill and do not get angry – no matter what! It can be really easy for frustration and anger to rise at the end of a long drive, but the key to getting parked is to take it slow and easy. Don’t let your irritations rise and you will get set up faster and easier.

6. Make sure the best driver / reverser is in the driver’s seat and the other person is giving directions. It just doesn’t make sense to put someone under pressure to reverse when it aint their skill.

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