Correct caravan weights

Mobile Caravan Weighing Perth Northern Suburbs

If you are wanting to know the weight of your caravan and tow vehicle prior to setting off on your travels then give us a call and we can come around and run through the checks. We are based in Yanchep and service all of the northern suburbs.

We will give you an accurate (+- 1kg) weight of your van and tow vehicle and we will help you think through the best way to distribute the weight to ensure you travel safely.

With penalties for overweight vehicles it pays to know just how much weight you are carrying!

It is your responsibility to know the weight of your caravan and tow vehicle so if you aren’t sure call us and we can help!

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  1. Jeff
    December 10, 2022

    Travelling to SA on 26/12/22. Would like to have car and van weighed and get your advice on weight distribution as this is or first long trip.
    Kind regards
    Jeff Nuttall

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