Do I Need to Worry About Weight in a Camper Trailer?

I’m only towing a Jayco Eagle – it’s a really light van and I’m driving a Landcruiser with 3.5T towing capacity. It’s no issue right?

Well maybe… because even though you can tow 3,5T you can still overload the trailer itself and make it unsafe.

Let’s assume the Eagle has a Tare weight of 1100kg (Tare is empty as it comes from the factory and varies depending on year of manufacture). It has an ATM (aggregate tare mass) of 1515kg, meaning you have room to store 415kg of Payload (gear) before you get in trouble.

So to be ‘safe’ your total camper weight (ATM) must be less than 1515kg, or you will be travelling illegally. The axel load is only rated for that kind of weight so if you drive with 700kgs stuffed inside you risk snapping the axel and created a hazard.

And the weight gets generated very quickly. See below: (weights are estimates)

80l water tank x 2 160kg

9l gas bottle x 2 20kg

Annexe, poles, pegs etc 30kg

Tools 40kg

Food 30kg

Clothes 50kg

Generator 30kg

Cups, plates, crockery, pots, pans 30kg

Total 360kgs

Always be sure to check the weights as described on the compliance plate (below) as they will change from van to van. This compliance plate shows Tare of 910kg and ATM of 1210kg – room for only 300kg of gear. If you had been towing the van with the compliance plate from below you would be illegal.

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Always be sure yo either do your maths before leaving using some bathroom scales or call us and have your weight checked professionally. We will weigh caravan and car and help you ensure both are safely loaded so you can travel with peace of mind.

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