Whether you are a seasoned traveller wanting to ensure your rig is safe and roadworthy or a complete newbie to caravanning, you need to know your weights are accurate and within limits before you hit the road.

Knowing you are within limits brings peace of mind and it is one less thing to be concerned about as you head off on your travels.

The process is simple:

1. We come to your home and locate a piece of level ground on which to conduct the weighing. If there is nowhere level on your property then it could we worth going to a nearby carpark where there will be space. We don’t want to weigh on sloping ground.

2. We recommend you get both van and car filled to the degree you would if you were about to hit the road. (There is little point weighing an empty van.)

3. We place 4 scales in line with your caravan tyres and you drive up onto the scales.

4. The scales connect wirelessly to the base unit and we are able to print out an accurate (+- 1kg) measurement of your axle weights.

5. We check your towball down weight.

6. We give you the print out as proof of your current weight.

7. We do the same with your car.

8. We discuss and advise how modifications to weight distribution can be made to ensure compliance.

9. You are now able to travel with peace of mind knowing you have taken the time to ensure your rig is legal and safe.

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