We supply and install the most state of the art security system money can buy!

The Witi unit is installed in your caravan and works via an inbuilt gryoscope. If your caravan is moved, tilted, hitched up then the gyro will sense this movement and immediately set off the horn, the lights and will lock on the brakes. It’s a fantastic Australian made invention and possibly the most theft resistant product on the market.

Witi security system,
Witi Security System

As well as the gyro function the Witi comes with a motion detector and an intrusion detector. If you are worried about someone breaking in to your van then these will give you peace of mind.

And once you have the Witi installed you can then use the wireless brake controller that pairs with the system. Wireless?… I hear you say sceptically… I said the same until I tried it. This is state of the art tech and makes towing so much easier. Now you can use your brake controller in any car you choose rather than being limited to one tow vehicle.

I imagine some of you reading this are still going to choose the Redarc because it’s proven and reliable – but let me encourage you to take the risk… Because it’s not actually a risk – it’s a great product and at 1/3 of the price of a hardwired controller.

WiTi brake controller
WiTi Brake Controller

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