Why is My Diesel Heater Not Working?

The Chinese diesel heaters seem to be surprisingly reliable and when there is an issue the heater generates an error code on the screen to give you some idea of what the problem is.

Last week a client came up with a heater that hadn’t been used for over a year and now would only run for a few minutes before failing. The error was e08 indicating a potential fuel problem. So it seemed the obvious place to start was to check the fuel supply and the pump.

It only took a little while to discover that the fuel pipe from the tank to the filter was fully blocked and no diesel was making it’s way thru. I replaced the piece of pipe and after repriming the pump all was working perfectly.

He came for a new heater to replace the old one and went home with a fully functional heater all ready for the cold weather ahead. So be aware that if your heater sits idle for a long time it is possible for the diesel to congeal in the lines and clag them up.

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