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Do Chinese Diesel Heaters Smell?

I know this is a question people ask when considering a diesel heater. Is the inside of my caravan going to smell like a Filipino Jeepney?

Short answer – no.

The heat exchange unit itself (the main body of the heater) produces no smell at all and even with the diesel tank in our front boot we have never experienced the smell of diesel. It is ideal for the tank to be mounted outside the van to completely eliminate the possibility of spills when refilling, but this is not always possible.

One of the questions we will ask you if we install a diesel heater in your van is if you have a preferred location for the tank. If you are at a loss for where to put it we can give advice. If you’re looking for a tank holder or a quick disconnect valve for the tank then simply go onto eBay and you will see plenty of options.

The cost for the tank holder inc tank is around $150 and the quick snap off connector for the tank is around $50.

If you’re looking for a tank holder then this one is around $110 from www.dieselheat.com.au

A quick disconnect valve looks like this and these are readily available on ebay. If you plan on removing your tank from the van to refill then they will help you avoid diesel spills.

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