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Diesel Heaters – Gamechanger!

It was a couple of years ago that I installed a diesel heater in our caravan just prior to a 4 week winter getaway to the south of WA. I would go as far as to say it has been the best modification I have ever made to a caravan!

And my wife loves it too – winning 🙂 The reality is that no one likes to be cold and caravans can be pretty icy especially if you like to head off grid. The diesel heater changes all of that. We actually felt like we were warmer during our month in the south west than we were at home because we had no hesitation hitting the on button, as we knew that within 3-4 minutes the van would be toasty and warm. We have found the heater uses approx 500ml of diesel per hour, which is very reasonable.

Having recently come back from travelling Tassie I can tell you the big benefit of these things is that you can use the remote control to turn the heater on from your bed when you wake up. Then once its been running for a few minutes you can get up to a pre-heated van.

As well as weighing vans we can supply and install diesel heaters to your caravan. Generally speaking we source the cheaper Chinese models, as they perform the same job for 10% of the price and spare parts can be found easily. That said if you want to supply your own Eberspacher then we will look at fitting that for you.

Typically to supply and install a Chinese diesel heater we charge $650.00 if you bring the van to us and $750.00 if we come to you in the northern suburbs of Perth. If you are in the south then we may consider it depending on the distance from our homebase in Yanchep.

But seriously – if you enjoy off grid camping and don’t have a heater of some sort in your van then it’s time to make the change!

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