Thinking About Caravan Weight Distribution

Does it matter where you store various items in your caravan?


Earlier this year we were in Tasmania and met a couple who were travelling with a large heavy van that had the water tanks at the rear. They also stored their scooters on the rear of the van, making the back end very very heavy.

By the same token some people see their front A frame as the place to load up. Often generators land up here as well as various tools.

There isn’t a right way to load your van, but there are sensible ways to do this and one of the first steps when trying to make sense of this is to get your van weighed. Simply load it as you normally would then call our mobile caravan weighing service and we will come to you and check it out as it stands.

You might be fine, or you may discover that you are oveweight in some way. But either way it’s important to know before you go.

Understanding ‘centre of gravity’ is also helpful. Water tanks can stabliise the van (if you have room for the water), but storing heavy items up in high cupboards is not a good idea as they would add to the instability of the van

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