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What Kind of Scales Do You Use to Weigh a Caravan

If you are going to do mobile caravan weighing then it is obviously vital to have scales that are accurately and regularly calibrated to ensure all measurements are valid.

You can buy cheap DIY scales on eBay and like most things, you get what you pay for. They do have a degree of accuracy, but for the cost of purchasing I would like some more assurance of their quality before investing in them. If we rated them highly then they would be the scales we would use professionally.

However in the interests of precision we use a dedicated set of scales from Nuweigh in Newcastle. There are 4 large scales which we put under each wheel and they can hold 2000kgs each. They have 4 load cells for measurement and are calibrated at least annually to ensure accuracy.

For towball weight we use a dedicated towball device that allows weight to be transferred to the scale in the same manner as it would when travelling. Again this is a reliable and accurate device – moreso than the DIY towball scales you can purchase in a caravan shop. It’s not to say the cheaper stuff is bad – but simply that you get what you pay for and it will do an ok job.

However if you want highly accurate measurements from a mobile caravan weighing kit then we are your people to call.

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