Why Do Towball Weights Matter?

Getting your towball weight correct is a matter of safety. If you have too much weight on the towball the car will sag down and lose control at the front end and if you have too little then it will feel loose on the road and be very dangerous

It is generally recommended that towball weight be between 8-12% of the caravan’s actual weight and while you don’t need to know the weight precisely you do need to be within the specifications.

When we come to weigh your caravan we will check your towball weight with our towball scales and give you an accurate indication of where you are at.

One of the less critical consequences of an overly heavy towball can be added stress on the jockey wheel when disconnecting from the tow vehicle. Here are some pics of my own jockey wheel bearings when they finally gave up. We subsequently modified our weight distribution to ensure we were legal, safe and not damaging the jockey wheel.

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