Diesel Queue Halls Cree WA

Why You Should Get Your Caravan Weighed

We have just returned from a 6 month trip around the country, dodging COVID in every state. What amazed us was just how many caravans there are on the road. I know people say it, but until you are doing it you just don’t realise. With fully booked caravan parks all across the top and free camps that looked like caravan parks, it’s fair to say ‘it’s busy out there!‘ The image above is of the diesel queue at Hall’s Creek, just one of many we sat in over the time.

If you’re about to join the convoy then you really should get your rig weight checked before leaving. Many people travel overweight and void any insurance claims that could be made because of this.

That’s a purely selfish reason to check your weight. Perhaps a better one is that if things go wrong you may end up killing someone… Yeah that’s harsh, but possible. Not only do you end someone’s life, but you most likely go to prison and you have to live every day with the knowledge that you could have avoided the incident.

Most accidents from caravans losing control are caused by excessive weight. Get in touch and we can help you take all the steps to stay safe, legal and insured on your trip

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